Spring Done Sprung!

Yesterday: riding bikes!

Tomorrow: grilling!

We made it through another New England winter!

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5 Responses to Spring Done Sprung!

  1. Kurt Schwind says:

    I’ll take 1 brat and 1 burger please.

  2. Mrs. Mancer says:

    Two other recent milestones: the hammock has been reinstalled in the backyard (out from its winter storage), and we’ve had ice cream twice.

  3. April in Seattle says:

    Well, how very nice for you. We had snow and sleet both days this past weekend.

  4. Dave says:

    That must have been hard to ride your bike in, April!

  5. blasterhappy says:

    I have already cut grass 4 times and it seems to be growing back faster each time. Guess all the rain plus the River being past flood stage doesn’t help. Oh BTW I like mine Well and my onions grilled. Thanks!