Time to GO, Man!

The moment I saw this clock I wanted it. This was back in, oh, 1984 or 1985, and it was at a place called ‘Imagine’ in Uptown Square, in New Orleans (which I think doesn’t exist anymore…the whole mall, not just that shop.) I loved that store — that’s where I first bought the ‘Illuminati’ game, as well as the Avalon Hill ‘Dune’ game that I wish I still had.

Anyway, I saw this clock and had to have it. I don’t remember how much it was except that I knew it was way more than I should pay for it, but I got it anyway.

As you can see, the clock is…well, clockless. The clock mechanism broke years ago and even though I could easily pop another one in there, I’ve never gotten around to it. Instead I just display this piece of plastic.

No idea who the artist is, and I never assumed it was anyone I should know. the signature says “Last” and is written in Joe Kubert style. The art has a distinct 80s-indie look to it. I’ve never been able to find a probable name for the artist, but it’s not like I have a lot to go on. Any guesses?

No larger point here. Just noticed it over on the shelf and decided to mention it.

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