Dear DC Comics I Have a Awesome Comics Idea For You

Seriously dudes this idea will make hundreds of dollars for you. It is an ELSEWORLDS comic idea so it takes familiar elements from the DC Universe and twists them just slightly to say WHAT IF without saying WHAT IF because actually saying WHAT IF is Marvel’s thing. Hey, anyway.

In my comic book idea, this is what happens. You know Superman’s rocket? The one Superbaby arrived from Krypton in? Okay well, instead of landing in Kansas, it lands in Gotham City. In Crime Alley. On top of Thomas and Martha Wayne, KILLING BOTH INSTANTLY IN FRONT OF THEIR YOUNG SON BRUCE AS THEY EXIT A MOVIE THEATER!


Please have Alex Ross paint it!!

Oh and hey, later on in the book a growed-up Clark Chill finds out his space rocket killed some people, yeah? And he’s not happy about this and in fact he’s so upset about it that in upsetness he hurls this paperweight he’s holding, sending it zooming through the air!

Meanwhile, at Haly’s Circus, the Flying Graysons are performing, when suddenly…I THINK YOU KNOW WHERE I AM GOING WITH THIS.

You can’t tell me this idea isn’t solid gold because you know what it is? SOLID GOLD.

Here is some art for Alex Ross to work from:

If you can pay me by PayPal that would rock, thx!

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8 Responses to Dear DC Comics I Have a Awesome Comics Idea For You

  1. Chris Sims says:

    This would be like printing money.

  2. Andrew Weiss says:

    Wayward spaceships are a cowardly, superstitious lot.

  3. David Thiel says:

    Honestly, I can totally see them doing this. Except maybe for the paperweight thing.

  4. Dave says:

    Other possible plot points:

    – At one point a bullet bounces off Clark’s chest. Unknown to him, it ricochets into Barbara Gordon’s spine, paralyzing her from the waist down.

    – Jimmy Olsen, a down-on-his-luck would-be reporter who “would need some kind of superhuman help to write a decent scoop” comes to Gotham and, because he’s near-destitute, gets talked into helping rob a chemical factory wearing a red helmet…

  5. Ken Lowery says:

    Needs more bulbous crotch.

  6. Blasterhappy says:

    I like it but I think it needs a little tweaking. How about in Clark’s depression for killing the Waynes his powers weaken and Jimmy Olsen dubs him Mediocreman instead of Superman. He then leads a life of constantly being upstaged by Batman and eventually becomes a villain. He becomes the misunderstood superhero gone bad. I love it!

  7. Brady says:

    Imagine telling variations on the same story. With the same characters. For sixty years.

  8. joshnunn says:

    This is fantastic. You are a genius of the highest order.