Well, THAT was Easy

OMG this video is hilarious! This Muslim dude is actually arguing that the Earth is flat! He even claims that, “no doctor has succeeded in understanding how the eye works.”

Those silly Muslim fundamentalists! Denying straight up SCIENCE! with their Qu’ran mumbo-jumbo! The Islamic world was once the pinnacle of scientific knowledge and now they’ve been reduced to this foolishness by a bunch of die-hard zealots. What a joke. They should be begging us to replace their crumbling societies with our enlightened, modern-day one!

Oh hey, as long as I’m here…

Here’s a movie coming out about how Big Science is suppressing the Biblical Truth of Creationism and promoting Evolutionary foolishness. It’s a must-see for people who are concerned about the country’s move away from Biblical Christianity.

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2 Responses to Well, THAT was Easy

  1. Mark Hale says:

    I appreciate the science guy’s point of view, but I’m kind of uncomfortable that he’s allowed to cite our own American-born astronauts to back up his claims.

  2. minifig says:

    I’d heard about ‘Expelled’, but I didn’t know that the tag line was ‘No Intelligence Allowed’ – that’s remarkably candid of them, I thought.