Plasma Tank Go!

My first major creation since my rekindled Lego interest is now complete. Behold the Plasma Tank!

I learned a LOT from building this. There’s a fair amount of SNOT (Studs Not On Top) work there (the rear “fin” is composed of sloped bricks attached sideways to get the angle I wanted). I learned how to attach what I thought of as “mount points” as I was building — places where I could add other stuff on later. I also got creative with parts, inspired by stuff I’ve been seeing on the Flickr “Lego” stream. For instance, those are samurai swords at the tips of the cannons.

It’s probably a bit over-greebled, and as you can see I only had five of the neon-green dome thingers.

Originally the cannons were going to be on the side and the platform where they ended up was going to be for two gunners, but I stuck them on top at one point and liked how it looked.

If you head for the gallery for this model, you’ll see all the steps (and back-steps) in the process, all the way from its humble beginnings:

For my next model I’m staying away from gray, black, and dark gray. Because I favor the Space/Star Wars sets, I have a LOT of bricks in those colors. I’m also going to try and get away from the whole space/weapons/tech thing. I’ve got some ideas.

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4 Responses to Plasma Tank Go!

  1. Mark Hale says:

    Steampunk Lego, I can only hope.

  2. Bill D. says:

    I envy you your Lego Fu. As much as I loved Lego, I had a hard enough time making things look right when I followed the directions.

  3. Ken Lowery says:

    Is that an interstellar Mongol riding that thing?

  4. Mrs. Mancer says:

    It’s *totally* over-greebled. *Gosh!*