Announcing: My Soon-To-Be Least Favorite Movie!

Fairly old news, but…

Ridley Scott to Make Monopoly Movie?

Now there’s word from Down Under (their source is the Sunday Times of London) that Monopoly will be made into a major motion picture, and it will actually be directed by the great Ridley Scott. Oh, and it may have a lot of big stars, as Hasbro has been promised by the agency that the movie will feature the cream of the crop of William Morris’ talent. According to the article, Scarlett Johansson and Kirsten Dunst have already been offered roles.


Monopoly Musings: Ridley Scott chats up the board game-to-film

“That’s all in development,” Scott told when asked about Monopoly. “I’ve got no idea where we’re going to go with that but it’s the most popular board game in the world.”

The filmmaker added, “What’s amusing about Monopoly is that it underscores the mean side of people. Monopoly changes people, the nicest person becomes a monster — as soon as they buy Park Lane, that’s it, they’ve all changed. I’m trying to figure out what tone of comedy it could be. It could be a really big film.”

[This space reserved for a link to an interview 15 years from now in which Scott reveals that the Race Car actually won “all along”.]

I was going to make some more jokes here but really, what can I possibly add to “big budget movie directed by Ridley Scott based on Monopoly?”

Fortunately, others are up to the task:

Albatross, at Hardcore Ludography

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3 Responses to Announcing: My Soon-To-Be Least Favorite Movie!

  1. David Thiel says:

    Dave, the downside of occasionally posting things which are, shall we say, not entirely truthful or not even remotely plausible is that when you bring up something as ridiculous as this, I think that it can’t possibly be real. And then I find out otherwise.

    Yes, there was a movie based on Clue. But people forget that 1) it was crap (despite the weird, cult following it seems to have attracted these days), and 2) Clue has at least the suggestion of a backstory on which to hang a plot.

    That said, when it comes out, I want to be the iron.

  2. If NonOriginalWood is going that route, might I suggest a movie that captures a Cloverfield camera-style taken-from-real-life game to movie of Ca$h & Gun$ with live ammo starring George Lucas (who can shoot first), Donald Trump (who can fire), Rush Limbaugh, Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, Richard Simmons, and Martha Stewart? That way, no matter what the outcome we all win.

  3. Jerm says:

    I hear that there is a 2009 release for “Yatzee: Five of a Kind”, a collaboration between Jerry Bruckheimer and John Woo. I have really high hopes for it. I’m betting we see a ton of dice, and some pips. Maybe a dove. And Tom Cruise.