Music Round-Up

Quite a lot of interesting musical tidbits lately.


A few months ago James linked me to a band called “Helms”. I really dig their sound, and just ordered their CD Secret Doors. You can hear them at their MySpace page. I like the first track a lot, “More Blackouts than I Care to Remember”.

You can buy their CD here, like I did! And would I also like the t-shirt featured there? Indeed I would.


It’s been a long time, sadly, since I’ve cared about what R.E.M. are up to. However, Stereogum recently had their first single off the new album, Accelerate up and it’s actually pretty good. Do I dare to hope that they’ve produced an album worth listening to?

Check out “Supernatural Superserious” here. Accelerate drops on — and this is kinda troublesome — April 1.


Speaking of new albums, Dave Ex Machina favorites The Mountain Goats release Heretic Pride on February 19. I admit that their previous one, Get Lonely, left me a bit cold, but I like what I’ve heard on this new one. Check out the video to “Sax Rohmer, Pt. 1” here, and you can also listen to the whole album being streamed there as well. That’s a whole lotta Mountain Goats!

Bonus! Here’s a special Super Tuesday song he/they did for American Public Media: “Down to the Ark”.


This is kinda sad. We all love The Books and nothing they do can ever change that, but it’s still disappointing to hear their music in a Hummer ad. (The song is “Getting the Done Job” from Thought For Food.) It’s actually the third Hummer ad they’ve provided music for. I want them to do well, but it makes one’s heart sink a little. I just hope it results in more sales for The Books than for Hummer.



Music Lessons by “waihey”, via Flickr.

Any of you complaining about having nothing to listen to, I don’t know what else to tell you.

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2 Responses to Music Round-Up

  1. pronoblem says:

    I am glad you dig the Helms… did I introduce you to The Books also? I think I did. Yeah, too bad about the Hummer ad. I am not one to yell “sell out” when a band does this… but for Hummer? Ick.

  2. Dave says:

    did I introduce you to The Books also?

    More or less. I already had heard “An Owl with Knees” off one of the mp3 blogs I follow, but it wasn’t until later that I really paid attention to them.