Where We’ll Be Thursday Night

My buddies Dan and John have a band called Social X-Ray (Brian and Jeff are also in the band but I haven’t met them which is the only reason I don’t include them as buddies; I’m sure they’re wonderful guys, though.) They are playing their very first gig on Thursday, Jan 24th, at Sierra Grille in Northampton!

Social X-Ray
January 24, 2008, 10pm
Sierra Grille, Northampton
Casual Dress

If you’re in the area, won’t you join us there? You can learn more about the band on their MySpace page, where you can also hear some tunage. “Fault” is my favoritest:

Social X-Ray MySpace Page

Good luck, guys!

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One Response to Where We’ll Be Thursday Night

  1. Johnny Cakes says:

    Dave, thanks for coming to the show and thanks for blogging about us. YOU rock!