When All You Have is an Idiot President…

…every problem looks like a bombing target.

Bush: US Should Have Bombed Auschwitz

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One Response to When All You Have is an Idiot President…

  1. Scott H says:

    Embarrasingly, this is one of the few cases in which I have to agree with the Shhrub. THE US government jknew full well about the ongoing Holocaust and the purpose of those camps, and it was within the power of the US military at the time to slow things down by bombing, if not the camps themselves, at least the rail lines leading to them. It wouldn’t have halted anything completely, but it would probably have helped.

    Of course, even better would have been if earlier on, the US, Britain, and Canada had alowed all the Jewish refugess that were trying to leave Germany on their soil, even if only on a temporary basis. Thousands if not millions could have been saved that way.