Almost Half a Year of Stats!

Back in July I switched to Dreamhost for my web hosting, which I’ve been mighty happy with. I thought I’d give you a little half-year-in-review from the other side of the blog, just for funs. (The Dreamhost stats feature isn’t fantastic, but it’ll do.)

Here are the “Distinct hosts served” for each month. This is about as close as I can get to unique visitors:

Jul: 2180
Aug: 3024
Sep: 4850
Oct: 6828
Nov: 10342
Dec: 10817

Wow! What happened in November? Looks like the linkage I got from this. From what I can tell, that may have been the most viewed post of the year.

So let’s see what gained eyeballs in other months.

For July it looks like the 31st is the big day, but all I talk about there is a PS2 game. I think probably those hits came from when “When Fangirls Attack!” linked my monthly Previews post.

August’s big hit was this post, in which I put up photos from our Seattle trip. Though Musical Zendo also got some hits.

I got a bunch of hits on September 21. They’re going here, and again, this was a post that a fair number of other people linked.

There are a fair amount of hits around October 30th, and it looks like at that point someone else linked September’s big hit. My review of an awful comic book got some attention because I posted a link to it on BoardGameGeek.

My controversial theory was the winner in December. This one got some bonus hits thanks to other folks linking it. (I actually tried to pimp it a little, something I don’t often do.)

There were 418 posts this year (more or less). I missed posting on 18 days. Top categories were Comics (43 posts), Politics (42), Misc (41), and Images (39). Only 31 posts were about games, but I’m sure it seemed like a lot more.

For your part, 959 comments were posted. Dave T. was the chattiest, with 85 comments. CounterProductive piped up 59 times, and Lanf had his say on 52 occasions. Blasterhappy, pronoblem, Ken Lowery, Todd Derscheid, Sean, Kurt, and Topher rounded out the top 10 (excluding me, at #2, with 70 comments of my own.)

Top commented posts were:

Musical Zendo (35 comments)

Don’t Forget the “Oops, I Dropped This Lit Match!” Option (21 comments)

Mornington Crescent, Anyone? (18 comments)

Fourteen and Fourteen (18 comments)

The Geek Phrasebook (18 comments)

And finally, here are some search phrases that got unfortunate people to my site in 2007:

  • hermione thong
  • wolf uvula
  • boobs comics
  • bee totem
  • centaur name generator
  • free labia galleries
  • ikki tousen her boobs
  • pathetic
  • wolf uvula (three more in December)
  • peeing

Thanks for a fun 2007, folks!

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8 Responses to Almost Half a Year of Stats!

  1. Wolf Uvula says:

    Me too, David. Me too.

  2. David Thiel says:

    What can I say? I likes to see myself in print!

    “Hermione thong,” indeed. Your Emma Watson countdown page must be getting noticed.

  3. Dave says:

    I’m actually Google hit #1 for “wolf uvula”.

  4. blasterhappy says:

    Yay! I’m another statistic!

  5. David Thiel says:

    It’s true! I think that’s worth putting in the header: “Dave Ex Machina: Number #1 Google Hit for ‘Wolf Uvula'”

    Also, I find myself thinking that Wolf Uvula (or even Wulf Uvula) would be a pretty good name for the villain in a Steven Seagal flick.

  6. I’m actually surprised that if Dave leaves himself out, I posted 2nd behind Mr. T, which does not surprise me 8). Didn’t realize I was so prolific here, and yet so not profound. The search terms are funny (though the first is disturbing). Isn’t Wolf Uvula that promo guy from Tannhauser?

  7. Sean says:

    I have nothing to say, just padding my posting stats.

  8. Charlie says:

    hrrrmmmm….methinks I must not be posting enough if I don’t even make top 10. Curse you work that keeps me from posting prolifically.