Beebo’s Holiday Adventure and Other Stories

Christmas Night we went over to Missy and Marty’s house for dinner, which was a really snazzy affair. Great food, great company, and lots of fun hanging with the whole clan.

While we were carving the roast beast, we left Beebo locked in our bedroom, where he’s been behaving himself. He doesn’t like being in the crate when we’re gone, but he seems to relax in the bedroom. Unfortunately, one of the doors wasn’t closed good enough, so he decided to do some exploring.

When we got home we discovered him not in the bedroom but instead trapped in the bathroom. He noses that door open and sniffs around in there, and in the meantime the door closes behind him again and he doesn’t know how to open it from that side. He’ll often stay in there for some time, since he won’t bark to let us know he’s trapped. We figured he’d been in there for a while, as he’d relieved himself in both ways while in there (better than doing it in the bedroom!)

He was really wound up that evening and wanted multiple trips outside. We finally managed to get him settled down and he slept through the night. By morning he was more interested in again going outside than in his breakfast, which is very unusual for him. Becky noted a disturbing, almost preternatural amount of pooping going on.

To make a long story short, we then discovered a scrap of cardboard on the floor and what it came off of. Beebo had started his evening out by eating the entirety of a nearly full box of dog biscuits. No wonder he was wound up and had a sad tummy! It had been a merry Christmas for him, at least for a little while.

Despite this mischief, Santa (via Missy) did reward him with a gift:


We watched the Doctor Who holiday special, Voyage of the Damned. Now, those things are never filled with sunshine and rainbows, but damn, even by usual standards that was pretty grim. My favorite part was:

Kylie: Can I travel with you?

Doctor: Oh hell’s yeah!

Old Guy from Keeping Up Appearances: Can I travel with you?

Doctor: Sorry dude, I’m a solo act. Always have been, always will be.


Speaking of grim, I also finished reading Captain Carrot and the Final Ark. Spoiler (highlight to read): DC Comics kicks me in the nuts, steals my wallet, and then urinates on me. Ah well, it’s not like I didn’t suspect this.


Captain Carrot won’t be on the list, but very soon I’ll have a Best Comics of 2007 list here, as well as a Best Games of 2007. Be looking for them!


And let’s end on an awesome note. Congrats to Anne, Stewart, and Sydney, and let’s have a big Dave Ex Machina welcome for Jill, the newest member of the Tanaka-Park Conglomerate:

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4 Responses to Beebo’s Holiday Adventure and Other Stories

  1. Andrew Weiss says:

    Poor Beebo. We had a similar experience with Oscar after I shared a beef fajita with him.

    I’m a better friend than parental figure.

  2. T. Derscheid says:

    Does the Tanaka-Park Conglomerate have a morning song?

  3. Anne says:

    Thanks for the good wishes! Jill is honored to be posted on this venerable site! And coincidentally, she looks remarkably like a beef fajita when she’s swaddled in her blanket….

  4. T. Derscheid says:

    The wife and I chant “Baby Burrito! Baby Burrito!” every time the new one gets swaddled. We are a simple folk.