Snow. We Got Some

And honestly, we’re running out of places to put it.

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4 Responses to Snow. We Got Some

  1. Lanf says:

    I see Mrs. Mancer is as industrious as ever. And kind too; who else would make that big pile of snow just for Dave to dig himself an igloo out of. I submit this title for photo 3: “My Neighbors Are Lazy Bums.”

  2. Mrs. Mancer says:

    Actually, Lanf, the property featured in photo #3 is OURS. So out of shape are we that we must take a breat after shoveling our driveway before embarking on clearing off the sidewalk in front of our house. Our neighbors are actually very kind souls: Kevin helped up shovel up the rest of the sidewalk, and Lenny snowblew the end of the driveway where the plows leveed us in (I never know how to past-tense those compound yard-tool verbs). Or, to put it another way, your caption for photo #3 is appropriate, IF it’s spoken by Kevin or Lenny regarding US.

  3. blasterhappy says:

    Dave put down the damn camera and help your wife shovel some snow MAN! Grab the bear claws or something! Geez! Beebo can’t even get to the fire hydrant!

  4. Lanf says:

    Doh! Foot, meet mouth.