Sometimes Dictators With WMDs Aren’t So Bad!

Just a recap for folks regarding “President” Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan.

* Took power in a military coup in 1999.

* Is supposed to hold an election in January, but so far has reneged on his promises.

* Has suspended the constitution, declared martial law, and is jailing anyone who protests this.

* Has issued statements essentially telling the rest of the world that what’s going on is none of their business.

* Has been accused of torturing and “disappearing” political and religious opponents.

* Has nukes.

But the reason you’re not hearing drumbeats of war against Pakistan is that we’ve given this guy billions of dollars in aid to fight terrorism, despite plenty of evidence that Taliban soldiers are pretty damn safe in Pakistan.

(In fact, they have a pretty sweet deal with us. They get more money to look for Bin Ladin than they do to actually catch him, pretty much ensuring that it’s more profitable to not find him.)

Who knows what will happen if he decides not to hold elections after all and retain power. We might just have to give him a heck of a finger waggle and possibly a stern talking-to.

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