Wanted: Dominos Games

I have pre-inherited two bakelite sets of dominoes from my dad. One set is double-nines and the other is double-twelves. I know the basic Dominos game (I think) but I’m looking for recommendation for other games. I found a site with rules to the game 42 and I want to try that out, but I’m also looking for others.

What are your favorite Dominos games?

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3 Responses to Wanted: Dominos Games

  1. The only Dominos game I play anymore is Mexican Train. Past that, they’re godd for making interesting patterns on the floor to tip and click….

  2. Lanf says:

    We play “Knock Down Dad’s Towers.” I’ll send over the 2-year old to teach you how to play.

  3. Charlie says:

    Mexican train is a favorite with the people that I play with (course I’m not sure anyone knows the rules).