Also Brian Wood Presents: EMO VIKING

“The inspiration behind the year’s hottest videogame is back!” says the front cover of Previews, but before you get excited about a Bioshock comic, you should be warned that they’re not talking about THAT year’s hottest videogame. Nor are they talking about Halo 3, Forza Motorsport 2, NHL 08, Skate, Project Gotham Racing 4, Bomberman Live, Pac-Man Championship Edition, DiRT, or Madden NFL 08. No, they’re talking about The Darkness, which is, at best, the eleventh-hottest videogame of the year according to But to be honest, it’s the only one that has a comic attached to it, except for Halo and — hey, you know what? Let’s just move on.

Indiana Jones Omnibus, vol 1 (p. 35) — I never read any of Dark Horse’s Indiana Jones comics. What’s the verdict on these? It’s pricey, but you seem to get a lot of pages for the price.

Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #3 (p. 63) — With this final issue, will I end up wishing Earth C hadn’t been included in the new Multiverse?

The Spirit #13 (p. 85) — Gail Simone is taking over the writing? I am not really familiar with her writing. Should I just box up issues 1-12 and savor them?

Showcase Presents (p. 93) — I’m starting to cool down somewhat on these. Although I will get the Justice League one, I can pass on Robin and Aquaman. I’ll also pass on the Brave and the Bold but I must point out that this volume will contain the story with the greatest line ever.

Incognegro (p. 116) — This looks like a mighty good book. It’s about African-Americans with light enough skin to “pass” among white folks to investigate racial crimes in the early 20th century South.

Cover Girl TP (p. 244) — Church is too shy to tell you, but he wrote this series, now collected in trade!

Exit Wounds (p. 285) — I already have this, but I’m just pointing out that this is another chance to get hold of this book before you start reading about it on “Best of 2007” lists everywhere.

The Last Musketeer (p. 288) — By Jason. That’s all I (and you) need to know.

Students for a Democratic Society: A Graphic History (p. 296) — A little pricey, but a history of the SDS told by Harvey Pekar? I’d love to read this.

Doctor Who Classics #1 (p. 297) — Out of all the companies that could have gotten a license to do new Doctor Who comics, why IDW? This particular issue is just a reprint of “The Iron Legion”, which would bring my total number of copies of this story up to about five if I bought it, so I won’t. But in January they’re coming out with a new series and god help me, I’ll at least try it out.

Toupydoops is described as “The best comic you’re probably not reading” and I’d just like to say that that statment is mostly correct.

Atomic Robo #3 (p. 322) — My store didn’t get #1 last week so hopefully it’s waiting for me this week!

Dragon Head vol 9 (p. 339) — Hard to believe this series is almost over!

Macedonia (p. 346) — More writing from Harvey Pekar that I’d like to read.

The Truth About Chuck Norris (p. 387) NOTE: This item may be available through other retail outlets before shipping to comic book specialty shops. Or available for free all over the goddamn internet.

I have a question about the entire trading cards section. Does anyone out there buy these trading cards? If so, what do you do with them, other than have them?

On page 446 the band Queen is referred to as “seminal” and that makes me giggle.

Star Wars Animated Princess Leia Organa Monument:

For $800 you can have a five and a half foot tall “monument” of an “animated” Princess Leia with “I-Pok-R 1138” brand breasts. Think carefully before purchasing this, young geek. Which will you opt to lose: your dignity or your virginity?

Let’s end with something awesome, shall we?

Tannhauser: Operation Novgorod Expansion (p. 509) — “Introducing the new faction of the Matriarchy — Russian soldiers equipped with sophisticated battlesuits and robots!” Aw, yeah.

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3 Responses to Also Brian Wood Presents: EMO VIKING

  1. Lanf says:

    Why does the Leia statue have an “o” mouth? I’m scared.

  2. David Thiel says:

    I don’t get the whole “animated”-style subgenre of collectibles. It makes sense with some Star Wars characters–the “Clone Wars” characters, and the nifty Boba Fett repaint that reproduces his look from the infamous Holiday Special–but in addition to that “monument” there’s an entire line of “character key” animation cels that reproduce what the Star Wars icons would’ve looked like had they ever appeared in a cartoon, which they didn’t.

  3. Topher says:

    Do you know how much I’d pony up for a Bioshock comic? It’s embarrassing!