Tanga and Cash (minus the cash)

Tanga is one of those things that could only exist on the internet. It’s an online store, but it patterns itself after Woot!. For those who don’t know what any of that means, let me explain.

Tanga sells one item per day. That is, at some point (midnight I guess), the item appears on the site. It can be electronics, household goods, weirdo stuff, whatever, and it’s usually at some kind of clearance pricing. When that item sells out, that’s it. No more items are for sale until the next day.

(How is this a good money making strategy? I don’t know. You’ll have to ask them.)

Sometimes they do a Tangathon, in which a new item DOES come up after each one sells out. And once that one sells out, another one comes up until the ‘Thon is over. There’s a lot of junk involved, but in between there are often some good deals, stuff they don’t have much left of, and surprises.

There are two reasons I follow Tanga and not the other sites that operate in this fashion (Yes, there are multiple sites that do this. No, I don’t know how this business model operates. You’ll have to ask them.) First, and most importantly, Tanga features boardgames. Usually their prices aren’t much better than Thoughthammer, my online game store of choice, but sometimes they have some really great deals.

Second, they have puzzles. Every day there are two puzzles called “One Word Wonders” that you can solve for Tanga Points. (Sometimes they have auctions for goods that involve Tanga points.) The puzzles are rebuses, hidden words, crosswords, codes, and so forth. They range from pretty easy to quite challenging. I enjoy doing the puzzles (and looking at the whiners who seem to think that a puzzle should consist of a photo of a banana and the answer be “banana”.

This week, for the first time, I submitted two puzzles and Tanga used them! Here’s the easier one:

Keep in mind that the solution will always be a single word. This one most people got, but had some trouble with the spelling.

This one is harder, and you kind of have to have some experience with Tanga puzzles to know how to approach it. I will say this: there are several standard tools one uses for Tanga: Wikipedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus, The Internet Anagram Server, and of course, Google. To solve this, you only need Google and Wikipedia. As above, the answer will be a single word. There are hints in the puzzle, but judging from the comments on Tanga, they were a bit too subtle. The word balloons are important.

If you go to the Tanga site and click on “Daily Fun” you’ll see the puzzles and the comments people have left, which provide clues.

I just submitted two more puzzles to Tanga (I get 50 points if they use one!), one of which is super-easy and the other of which is about a medium-easy. It’s fun to think them up and then design the graphics to try and get them across. I already have ideas for a few more as well!

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3 Responses to Tanga and Cash (minus the cash)

  1. David Thiel says:

    Got the first one with little effort, but I am far, far too stupid to figure out the second, even with the clues.

  2. David Thiel says:

    Yeesh. Finally got it. Medium-easy?!?!?

  3. Topher says:

    Tanga has some neat stuff…friend gets a lot of his games from there…I especially liked Pecking Order for some light 2 player action. Good stuff!