Perhaps She’s Just a Big Thomas Friedman Fan

Co-host of “The View”, Sherri Sheppherd, doesn’t believe in evolution*.

Turns out she also doesn’t know — not off-hand, anyway — if the Earth is flat.


* — I hate this phrase. In the “showdown” between a well-established scientific principle and an ancient creation story, I don’t think the former is the one people should be asked to “believe” in.

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4 Responses to Perhaps She’s Just a Big Thomas Friedman Fan

  1. When I first saw this, I wanted to comment, but as my initial reaction was fairly scathing, I let it go. I share your uneasiness with the ‘showdown’ term, but consider which side uses it so freely. It’s not the scientific community which is, by and large, an evidence-based group which tolerates shifts in theories and laws, as it should.

    It’s the emotions-based religious folks (and almost all religions are emotions-based) who use the term ‘showdown’, because it calculatingly elicits an emotional response from a group somewhat easily aroused by emotional NLP methods. It’s a cheap way to ‘unify’ people against this satanic science group against (insert deity here).

    As I’ve said before, I am not out to attack or belittle religious people. Most I know are neat people. The religious mouthpieces we have to hear are often grating and pathetically try and reframe science and religion into an all or nothing threat. And they know full well that a term such as showdown will elicit that emotional response they are hoping for when they feel threatened.

    I’d ask, is science threatening you, or is it you can’t emotionally handle holes being poked at your insular world of structure and perfection you wish were reality.

  2. Topher says:

    This also begs the question, why are you watching the View? or youtubes of the View? It’ll only lead to heartbreak and anger.

  3. David Thiel says:

    From what I can tell, the chief criteria for becoming a new host on “The View” are being batshit crazy and unafraid to let everyone know it.

  4. Vicky says:

    Dave are you secretly watching The View when you are “working” from home? To you watch Oprah too?