From David Byrne’s blog, re: Iraq:

Some folks are saying we broke it we should fix it. Tell that to someone who comes into your house and smashes all the furniture. That’s not the repairperson I would call.

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One Response to Byrne!

  1. Sean says:

    It’s a funny analogy; but unfortunately it isn’t a perfect one. If you come to our house and break the furniture I don’t need you to fix it. I can call a furniture repairman or, if necessary, I can go buy more.

    I am not sure Iraq has that option. Who else it out there to call? More importantly who would answer the call if one was made? The obvious choice would be UN troops but that’s not going to work. This job is way bigger than anything the UN has been able to handle in the past.

    The one country that would answer the call is likely to be Iran. I don’t believe Iran is the demon the neocons make it out to be (though of course any theocracy scares the bejebus out of me) but I don’t know if I want a stronger Iran to come out of this anyway.

    We shouldn’t have gone in. When we did go in we should have had more boots on the ground. Our troops should have spent more post battle time policing the looting. The Iraqi Army should not have been disbanded. We should have had a better understanding of the complex relationships of the myriad of religious and ethnic groups during the planning phase, etc. etc. etc.

    But, like it or not, we are ethically responsible for the future of that country. I hate it, and Bush can suck my ass for putting us in this spot, but here we are.