There’s really not much point in talking about Gen. Petraeus’ report, is there? After all, the White House is going to do whatever it wants to do anyway, and the alleged opposition party is going to let them. So honestly, what difference does it make what he says or what people think of it?

Oh, and just a reminder. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. It was Osama bin Ladin, who is still free, and Saudi Arabia, who is our best buddy.

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One Response to Petraeus

  1. Sean says:

    Everyone knows the general’s report is going to be mostly fluff; though not wholly inaccurate. Of course since the numbers have been “adjusted” even though it is ‘accurate’ it isn’t at all “true”.

    Therefore the interesting report becomes Crocker’s which is to a large extent negative. His concentrates on the political side of things which even the administration can’t spin in a positive manner. That’s the report that will display more of the realities of the situation and will give ammunition to those that desire it.