I Have a Far More Sophisticated Taste in Funnybooks than You Do

A new month, a new PREVIEWS! Oh, what a joy! But first…

So it’s just that easy, huh?

Doctor Grodbort’s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory (p. 27) – A guy who works for Weta (the special effects company that worked on the Lord of the Rings movies) releases a “catalog” of all sorts of steampunky and retrofuturistic gadgets. Seemingly right up my alley but honestly, if I want to look at pictures of this stuff I can always just go to BoingBoing, where a guy can glue a gear to a coffee mug and call it steampunk. Nice, but pass.

BPRD: Garden of Souls (p. 40) – Naturally, I’m getting this.

Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #2 (p. 66) – Unless DC is planning on cancelling this, like they did with the Captain Carrot Showcase. Quit toying with my heart, DC.

Teen Titans Showcase vol 2 (p. 97) – Nuts! The Brave and the Bold issues included here do not include the famous #102. Still, plenty of Haney goodness!

Emma vol 6 (p. 104) – Finally caught up on these a few weeks ago and I’m still hooked. Becky is simply gobsmacked that I like these.

New Tales of Old Palomar (p. 300) – It’s just plain good stuff, people!

The End #1 and The End #2 (p. 301) – I never read Anders Nilsen’s “Dogs and Water”, which wowed a lot of folks. What do you think, folks? Go with these collections of shorter works, or put the money towards Dogs and Water?

Amulet volume 1 (p. 308) – I love Kazu Kibuishi’s work in the Flight anthologies, so this longer work has a lot of appeal.

The Castaways (p. 328) – Forget pirates and ninjas and zombies. Hobos are going to be the Next Big Thing, and I suggest you hop on the train now.

Atomic Robo #2 (p. 338) – In this issue there are giant ants. GIANT ANTS, PEOPLE.

Lower Regions (p. 360) – Do I want to read fantasy comics? No. How about fantasy comics based squarely on D&D? NO. Is the comic in question by Alex (Box Office Poison, Tricked) Robinson? Yes. Well. That changes everything.

World War 3 Illustrated (p. 360) – This anthology is usually more grating than not, but the good stuff is often good enough to shake off the rest.

Dan Dare #1 (p. 367) – I’m interested in the property, sure. But Virgin Comics? Is there any point in buying a #1 from a company that has maybe four more months of life left in it? And it’s written by Garth Ennis as well. Not sure I care about Dan Dare that much.

And finally, it wouldn’t be Previews without something that just makes me want to line up geeks in order of height and punch them all.

I censored it because I don’t want that shit on my blog, but feel free to click on it if you want to see Princess Labia in all her glory.

Here’s the solicitation copy: “From the second season of Ikki Tousen, this 1/7 scale PVC statue sculpted by Zenko captures leggy heroine Sonsaku Hakufu in a dynamic kicking pose. Talk about fan service, Sonsaku even comes with a removable dress! This is one roundhouse kick you don’t want to miss!”

That there’s a FULL PAGE in Previews. Turn the page and HELLO, you’re now Gynecologist to the Anime Stars! Seriously, if you would drop $70 for that statue, you need to grow the fuck up. Period. End of discussion.

If you want to suggest other things for me to get, talk me out of something I’ve highlighted here, or explain why it’s perfectly fine to own that sad, stupid statue, feel free to leave a comment.

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4 Responses to I Have a Far More Sophisticated Taste in Funnybooks than You Do

  1. What if I pre-ordered TWO of the Princess Labia statues and maybe one of those McFarlane Mrs. Claus figures? Would that make me twice as pathetic? I’m not saying I ordered two, or even one Princess Labia statue, I’m just asking hypothetically. A friend wants to know, not me.

  2. David Thiel says:

    Depends on what the second statue is for. Are they kicking each other?

    I have to admit that I like that evil Snowman from McFarlane’s Christmas assortment.

  3. Mark Hale says:

    Grant Morrison’s Dan Dare is the only one I’ve ever read and I’m pretty sure I can stop there.

  4. Ken Lowery says:

    If you’re hard-up for hobos, I’d suggest the Scurvy Dogs trade from AiT/PlanetLar. The pirates make mincemeat out of, if I remember right, the Hobo King.