Tower of Luck

Check out what I made yesterday!

My very own dice tower! I have no idea what brought me to this point. I guess I read one too many postings on BGG about dice towers and suddenly got a wild hair to create one. This one is created with a box I had, some bits of cardboard, packing tape, and some clear plastic I cut off of an old three-ring binder. The plastic creates the window, which makes it EXCITING.

Here it is opened up for inspection. You can see the angle of the ramps and the care that went into cutting everything out.

Action shot! The dice go in…

The dice come out, PROPERLY randomized. They’re being caught in a dice tray that came out of some thrift store game I got (just for the tray).

Eagle-eyed viewers may notice the words “DISPOSABLE INSUFFLATION” on the side. When I worked at the hospital in my previous life I loved ordering insufflation needles because they came in those boxes, which were the PERFECT size for storing Magic cards. This tower is made from one of the boxes I hung onto. I’ll probably decorate it up eventually.

If that’s not enough action for you, behold!

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8 Responses to Tower of Luck

  1. sistawoman says:

    Plastic can often be exciting.

  2. Ken Lowery says:

    In case no one’s mentioned it lately: You are a nerd.

    The fact that I now want a dice tower myself is irrelevant.

  3. Nigel says:

    My favorite part of the video is when you do it the second time. You know to PROOVE it’s random.

  4. Sean says:

    That may be the coolest and yet saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

  5. David Thiel says:

    I think that I need a T-shirt that says this:

    Plastic can often be exciting.

    Pretty much sums up my life.

    Dave, I’m unsure how you could possibly make this any nerdier: not just building the dice tower, but making a video (and as Nigel points out, showing it twice), then posting it to the web. But I would like to see you try.

  6. Anne says:

    It’s better than freakin’ Plinko!

  7. Very nice. When I was an early teen and we did the D&D motif, we had a guy who knew how to throw many 20s, oobviously by having some inkling of how to hold and throw the d20. I wanted to build a dice tower for him (well, for the rest of us really), and began to build one with scrap wood my dad had lying around and some backing board (not sure of the term – that stuff that holds cheaper fake wood products together at the back of the item).

    Well, I wasn’t squaring things according to my perfectionist dad, and he took it over. When done, I had a heavy and really large dice tower, made of wood, with a finish. Trouble was, dad made the interior wood pieces too close together without enough breathing room near the bottom, so the dice just kinda plopped out instead of the geeky good rolling dynamics you were able to create, Dave.

    I kept the dice tower for sentimental reasons up until about two weeks ago, when I just pitched it. Dave has discovered what mine was lacking in coolness: proper spacing AND see-through plastic. Awesome.

    The fact you made a video out of it and rolled more than once to show randomness is pretty funny (in a good geeky way). Nicely done, sir.

  8. john doe says:

    this thing sucks, a complete waste of time
    are you a retard to make such piece of junk?