Tour de Noho


The heat wave broke a little bit yesterday, and we took advantage of it to head up to Noho and do some bike riding with Beth and Mark. We hopped onto the main Northampton rail trail and rode it to Look Park in Florence. Once there we enjoyed delicious frozen treats and did a lap around the park.

We headed back home but then Beth dared us to continue on to the bridge. We were not to be shown up! So we continued on across King Street, carried our bikes over the railroad tracks, and went over the Connecticut River via the oldest iron bridge in America, ending up in Amherst.

Just over the bridge we turned around and on the way back across I took a spill. My handlebars brushed the side and I went down, scraping my knee and ankle, but it was mostly superficial damage. My bike was fine.

Upon returning to Beth and Mark’s place we calculated that we’d gone somewhere around 10 miles, maybe a touch more. I can’t speak for anyone else but I wasn’t particularly exhausted afterwards, at least not while we were riding. Once we stopped and put the bikes away I felt tired. I’m not in pain today, either. So the riding is definitely having an effect.

It was a great trail and we’re certainly going to hit it again, though now that the bridge has tasted human blood, it may need to be put down.

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