Hey, Birthday Girl!

It’s Becky’s birthday today! I will not tell you how old she is. But we had a right pleasant birthday party for her this weekend. Many friends came over to partake of delicious yummies and wish her well.

We handled presents the way we often do: about a week or so ago we were in a shop and she saw a vase she really liked and said, “Here’s my birthday!” and bought it. In addition I got her a nest pin hand-made by our friend Deirdra. D even added some earrings to the mix (seen in the pic above). I need to take a good photo of the nest. She seemed pleased with it.

Tonight will be dinner and a movie — either the Simpsons or Ratatouille.

Happy Birthday sweetie!


Nest pic:

And the Simpsons movie was the winner. It was many lulz, especially the Spider-Pig theme. This was in the theater.

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5 Responses to Hey, Birthday Girl!

  1. rachel bugink says:

    Happy birthday to Ms. Mancer! Those earrings certainly do enhance and reflect her spectacular loveliness

    (a great day for birthdays…my daughter Sasha turns 3 today!)

  2. Ken Lowery says:



  3. Blasterhappy says:

    Happy Birthday Becky! So how may times does this make you 18 again?!

  4. esthela says:

    Happy Belated!

  5. Bryce says:

    was that theater near rehobeth beach deleware or in deleware?i saw it in a theatre the day it came out and one of homers arms was gone