A Titanic Failure (note: Not a Political Post!)

This weekend I bought the first PC game in…let me think…two years? Possibly three.

Titan Quest! I had heard a lot of people say that if you enjoy Diablo 2 (I do!) then this game was a must-get, since it took that same basic idea and added some nifty stuff to it. I’d been looking for it for a little while now and only ever saw the expansion, but finally it appeared in my local EB Games and I snagged it for twenty bucks!

So what’s it like? Well the disk itself has the same silver shine found on CD-ROMs of that nature. The case is hard plastic like a DVD case, yet about twice as thick for some reason; I suspect THQ uses the same case for all their games and this one just happened to not need the extra space. There was a rulebook that looks like it may be well-organized and a fold-up sheet that probably has some critical info on it. I’m sure having it separate from the book will prove handy. Although I usually do not ask for a bag for purchases if I don’t really need one, I had to get a small plastic bag for it since I was going into the grocery store next. The bag was perfectly suited to the size of my purchase, holding the game and the paper receipt comfortably.

Oh…the game itself? Well I don’t know. It won’t run on my machine. It doesn’t like my video card. I didn’t even think to check because for some reason I just assumed it would. It’s not brand new and it seems to have similar level of graphics to other things that have run on this computer, but it wouldn’t work. I guess whatever card I have doesn’t have “FlameBurst” technology or “Enhanced Pixel Dazzle” or whatever it is the kids put in their video cards these days to make sure you need a new one every two weeks.

I’m not really sure what I have and what Titan Quest wants but I know the game’s not going to get it. This computer isn’t getting any upgrades anytime soon, and when it does it’ll be upgraded to a MacBook. So I’ll have to run it past my friends to see if they’re interested in the game.

Back to Diablo 2, then.

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2 Responses to A Titanic Failure (note: Not a Political Post!)

  1. TJ says:

    I had the same problem myself, so no Titan Quest for me either. Sad, too, since (as everyone knows) I -loves- my classics goodness!

  2. Topher says:

    Yeah, it’s an intense little game, since it uses the Havoc physics engine to send bodies flying and all that. I think the problem is the DirectX 9 I think is required and that’d probalby be a new video card. I got my copy through the THQ company store for 6 bucks have played the heck out of it.

    I guess this is another vote for getting a 360 however, since you don’t have to worry about that sort of mess.