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Hwæt! Another nugget from my KRVS days has been unearthed!

Back in 1987 I spent a year at what was known at the time as the University of Southwestern Louisiana. While there I worked at the radio station, KRVS, on their midnight-to-six “alternative” show on weekends. This was when I seriously started to get into music. I of course played my favorites, but it was also fun to go through the stacks, yank stuff out, and see whether it was any good. My colleague Ben and I had strict rules as to what got played. If it came on clear vinyl, it got played. If the name of the band or album was interesting, it got played. So when we came across the album Playdoh Meathook by a band called The Electric Love Muffin, how could we resist?

We liked “The Muffin March” off that album, but the track that we really dug was their cover of the Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood”, in which they conclusively prove that guitar + whammy bar = sitar! I have a copy of this on a cassette tape somewhere but for years I’ve tried to find an mp3 of it. Sadly, the Electric Love Muffin didn’t make it as huge as I would have liked and such a thing simply couldn’t be found…until the other night, when it suddenly popped up on a certain filesharing network. And here it is for you!

The Electric Love Muffin – Norwegian Wood (Beatles Cover) (mp3)

While looking up info on the band (there isn’t much) I also discovered this YouTube clip of the band performing this song live!

Don’t be fooled by imitations! There is apparently at least one band running around under the name The Electric Love Muffin who are not the original Philly band! The band at this MySpace page, however, are the real deal.

One more elusive KRVS song found. There’s still at least one more to go. Anyone out there got an mp3 of “Love Dog” by Norman Nardini?

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