And Yet For Some Reason I Always Look Forward to the Next Issue

It’s always nice when Previews includes a little extra bonus, like a trading card or something. They make excellent bookmarks. This month you get this beautiful art print, suitable for framing:

“You call that Intelligent Design? Boobs and asses should be on the same side!”

But please, despite the air of class and sophistication exuded here, it’s just Previews. Dress is still casual.

Let’s begin!

The Umbrella Academy (p. 22) – God help me, I’m interested in a book written by a dude from My Chemical Romance. Fortunately I’ll wait for the trade, which should be time enough to see if it’s still worth getting then.

Serenity: Those Left Behind (p. 32) – This hardback collection features “behind-the-scenes” material, which would probably be a bigger draw if more people had been interested in the “in-front-of-the-scenes” material.

Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus (p. 34) – OH HOLY HELL YEAH. One more Hellboyverse trade it’ll kill me to wait for!

John Norman’s Gor Omnibus vol 1 (p. 46) – “with a global audience that reaches across all age groups and demographics”. Where “all” = “misogynistic geeks”.

The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service vol 5 (p. 54) – I gotta get caught up with this one. I haven’t even gotten volume 3 yet, but because I’m so behind on my other manga I don’t feel justified buying it just to stick it in the pile. OH LIFE IS HARD.

Eden vol 9 (p. 55) – One of the aforementioned manga series I’m behind on. In fact, I think I’m probably NOT going to order this one. I need to catch up first and see if I’m still interested in continuing before getting it.

Showcase Presents: The Metal Men vol 1 (p. 85) – The Metal Men volume is a must-get, but I can pass on the Atomic Knights/Hercules one.

All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #7 (p. 86) – Just a heads up that this will be coming out within the next year or so.

The Spirit #10 (p. 98) – After lamenting that I shoulda waited for the trade so as to have a nicely bound collection, I continue to buy the floppies. That’s because I’m stupid.

Girl Genius Omnibus Edition (p. 226) – This looks like a nice edition of a good comic series. I’ve been meaning to catch up on these.

Laika (p. 302) – I’m really looking forward to this from First Second, even though I don’t know much of anything about it. It’s about the first dog in space and it’s from First Second, which has yet to fail me.

Antiques: The Collected Comic Strip (p. 304) – Does anyone know anything about this? I’ve never heard of the strip in question, but the premise seems interesting: A billionaire dies, and his collection of pop-culture artifacts goes up for auction, attracting “a colorful cast of interested parties who are not what they seem.”

Wasteland #12 (p. 328) – Sims got another pull quote, so I’m behind. Let me think here. “Without ‘Wasteland’, ‘awesome’ would just be ‘om’.” Okay, maybe not.

Tales to Demolish (p. 337) – I ordered the first issue of this. I’ll go ahead and grab the second just because it’s from a small publisher, but I hate having to order issue 2 before I know anything about issue 1.

You need to know about Star Wars Chubbies. I did a Google Image Search for “Star Wars Chubby” and here’s what I got:

Well, that’s the first image. Hang on, let me got further through the list. Here we go:

Yes, after beanies, wind-ups, and bobbleheads, meet the newest collecting sensation, Russian Nesting Dolls. What won’t geeks buy?


And let’s close the show with this:

Man, I got far too many jokes to pick from.

For making it through all this, you get a laff from the latest Showcase Presents: Batman:


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  1. Ken Lowery says:

    So… Rob Liefeld is drawing manga now?