I’m in the Middle of a Big Bike Race!

I got a new bike!

It’s the red one in that picture. My old one was just about 15 years old and hadn’t really worked in some time, so we headed out and bought the finest velocipede that Target had to offer that wasn’t stupid expensive. It goes well with Becky’s bike, which was a replacement for her purple one that someone nicked from the garage one night when I accidentally left the door open. I tell myself someone grabbed it because their car broke down and they had to get that kidney to the hospital in time to save that orphan’s life!

Becky covets my red bike and has been asking me for my social security number a lot recently. I’m just putting that out there.

So we found a sneaky back way to Forest Park that doesn’t involve Sumner Avenue, which is nice. And I just used Google Earth to find out that our route to Forest Park is 1.25 miles one way. Once around the main route there is three-quarters of a mile. So yesterday, when we “only” went to the park and did one lap, we biked 4.25 miles! Yay us! I know that doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a lot more exercise than I’m used to, and I really dig it.

Do you have a bike? You should!


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5 Responses to I’m in the Middle of a Big Bike Race!

  1. Anne says:

    Nice bikes! The only thing missing is a basket in front. Don’t you think Beebo would enjoy a little spin to the park? You could even get him some Doggles–dog goggles–and perhaps a wee scarf to make him look particularly dashing.

  2. Paul says:

    Bikes are the best things in the world. The most elegant and efficient machine invented by humans.

    I can understand not wanting to pay bicycle store prices, and I won’t try to convince you why you should even if I do believe it is the way to go. I do want to caution you that many department store bicycles are assembled poorly. Sometimes poorly enough to be dangerous. I don’t own a bicycle store or get paid to be a mechanic but I do all of my own maintenance and mechanics except for the stuff that calls for extremely expensive tools that I might use once or twice in my life.

    I just urge you to seek out someone you know to look over the bike and make sure it was assembled properly.

    If you actually do care why I think it is more cost effective to buy a bike from a bike store than from a department store, send me an e-mail. I won’t hold my breath. ;)

  3. Anne says:

    By the way, I applaud you for wearing your helmet. Wait, is that a sinusoidal cyst I see up your nostril?

  4. Kurt says:

    W00t! Bikes are teh bombe. Recently, the family and I have been biking around a bit too and we wear our helmets. Biking is great for conditioning. I’m glad to see you get another one. I recall the one you had back in … 92? Is that the one you replaced?

  5. I used to have a hybrid bike I got from a bike shop that was awesome. I can’t ride anymore because of my vision, but don’t think I didn’t half seriously consider duct-taping my blindie stick to my bike and riding anyway. I used to ride out in the country (corn and soy fields) darn near to the next county and back, and back and forth to work when it wasn’t nasty humid. And the helmets are important. Oh, I do miss the joy of bike-riding. I’ll take vicarious pleasure from your riding, I guess.