Hey folks! Today was a transit day for me — I’m now in sunny Champaign-Urbana, Illinois! In fact, I’m staying with Dave and Vicky on a trip paid for by my work. (Oh yeah, they want me to come into the office while I’m here and have some meetings and do some training. Whatever.)

My flight was happily uneventful; I wasn’t one of the lucky people whose luggage was removed from the overweight plane, and everything worked out fine.

I’ll give you some updates on the old ‘hood soon. Right now I got to go get ready for my big meeting and training day tomorrow! Woo!

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4 Responses to Flatland

  1. Kurt says:

    Looking to train? Good job. Good job. Good job.
    Not today.

  2. Aooarently I’ll see you at my house in the morrow. And I expect you to bring Darkwolf Ravenfist with you.

  3. Erm, that was supposed to be “apparently” – fun with blindness moment…….