Yet More New Music!

Holy cow, the new music parade just keeps marching along! Here are two more upcoming albums from bands I like!

When the Jesus and Mary Chain followed up their debut album Psychocandy with Darklands an interviewer asked them why all the feedback and noise and fuzz of the former was absent on the latter. The response: “We already made Psychocandy.”

The previous Liars album, Drum’s Not Dead, was a primal, percussion-heavy symphony of reverbed drums and shouts. The new self-titled album goes somewhere else totally and, to provide bonus points for the anecdote above, spends a lot of time in JAMC territory, strangely enough. However, they evoke that sound more than the casual aping of The Raveonettes and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The album is a lot more like regular old RAWK, including one track that could easily be a Zeppelin cover.

You can get Liars on August 28th, and in the meantime you can hear this track now:

Liars – Freak Out (mp3)

Further away, nothing will be the same after September 11, because that’s when Proof of Youth, the new album by The Go! Team drops.

I’ve described their sound before as “A kung-fu movie soundtrack performed by the pep squad” and the track I’ve heard off the new album adds perhaps a bit of blaxploitation in there. I’ve no doubt it’s more of the same as what we got before, but I really liked what we got before. Here’s the video:

Sometimes it’s okay to make Psychocandy again.

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