Doing a 180 on the 360

We enjoy the trusty old PS2, but have no plans of “upgrading” to a PS3. Despite the continuation of the Lartigue-favorite Ratchet and Clank series on that platform, and the appealing Little Big Planet coming soon, the $600 price tag (that includes a non-optional high-end DVD player that I don’t want or need and that may well be obsolete soon anyway) is a deal-killer. We don’t play games that much.

But slowly the XBox 360 has been tempting me.

First, I have friends who are on XBox Live. Normally I’m not interested in gaming online, but if it’s with people I already know, there’s much more appeal. Some of the games they’ve released have been way tempting. Some of the future games, more so. The next Katamari Damacy game is going to be for the 360. Then there’s the boardgames. Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Alhambra, and, rumored, Puerto Rico, playable online.

And now, Talisman!

All for half the cost of the PS3.

It’s getting harder to fight!

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2 Responses to Doing a 180 on the 360

  1. blasterhappy says:

    I agree the XBox is tempting but I will stick with my PS2 for a while. The price is right and games are really easy to come by.

  2. Topher says:

    Settlers is already out, Carcassone is on PartnerNet (the Xbox Live us developers get) and will be on XBL soon. And if Puerto Rico is due out then I’m about set. Talisman could be a crowning jewel. If someone made the complete Cosmic Encounters, I’d probably have an heart attack at my desk. Of course they’d piece meal the crap out of it, charging micro payments, but I’d unfortunately pay.

    Nothing on PS3, save LittleBig Planet and Calling All Cars looks all that good to me. Kind of disappointing, but when the PS3 comes down by $250 bucks and games start appearing, well…we’ll see.