Testing Something Out

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8 Responses to Testing Something Out

  1. Nigel says:

    Dave, exactly WHAT the hell are you testing out? Actually looking at that thing I’d rather not know.

  2. It is quite phallic, isn’t it? 8)

  3. David Thiel says:

    And it took so long to load that I had time to speculate on what it might be as the tip slowly resolved into view.

  4. Meh, I like the Samurai shrines better.

  5. Stewart says:

    Hi Dave-

    I didn’t realize thesewere available in a wooden model. While this sort of thing is not exactly my cup of tea, I congratulate you on your foray into this alternative lifestyle. Further, crafting it out of an ecologically friendly renewable resource is admirable.


  6. Charlie says:

    Too ridgy for my taste I’m afraid. do they have a model that doesn’t have such deep ridges? :P

  7. Dumb question, but do you know why these show up as 0 bytes when I look at the properties in Firefox?

  8. Brady says:

    Pagoda / buttplug