Do I Really Have to Go This Far Just to Make a Point?

Marketing research for comics companies show that the audience for mainstream superhero comics is overwhelmingly male. For some people, this means that companies such as Marvel and DC don’t have to worry about being inclusive (or even merely not being offensive) to women. If they’re not reading, why worry about them?

In addition, that same market research has shown that the audience is overwhelmingly white, too. Which means there’s no reason anyone should be bothered about the newest superhero sensation:

After all, if black people aren’t giving the Big Two much money in the first place, why should the Big Two worry about what they want or don’t want to see?

Maybe it’s because the reason to make these things more inclusive is not to simply appease your actual readers. It’s because you should treat other people with dignity and respect.


Even when they’re not looking.

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