Every Song is for You, Dear!

Last night we caught geek-fave rockers They Might Be Giants at the Iron Horse. This of course was the second time we had seen them in Northampton, but the first time they were actually playing music instead of walking around minding their own.

It was a great show. They were in good form, the music sounded great, and they were cracking wise all the time. At one point Emily Dickinson phoned, despite being currently dead.

It was also a treat because they played a bunch of stuff from their upcoming album The Else, which releases via iTunes on May 15 and in three-dimensional physical object form on July 10. John Flansburgh thanked us in advance for applauding for these previously unheard songs, despite our ambivalence towards them. I actually wasn’t overly ambivalent; I liked the new stuff.

Here’s the list of songs they played. I think I remembered them all. The ones with stars upon thars are from The Else. They’re in alphabetical order, but they weren’t performed in this order:

Alphabet of Nations
Ana Ng
Asbury Park (I Got Kicked in the Head at the Stone Pony)
Birdhouse in Your Soul
Careful What You Pack *
Contrecoup *
Damn Good Times
Doctor Worm
Experimental Film
Iron Horse Venue Song
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
James K. Polk
Meet James Ensor
Memo to Human Resources
New York City
Particle Man
Take Out the Trash *
The Cap’m *
The Mesopotamians *
The Shadow Government *
Upside Down Frown *
We’re the Replacements
Why Does the Sun Shine
Withered Hope *

And here’s something to tempt your tummy: an mp3 of one of them new songs. Keep it under your hat, please.

They Might Be Giants – The Shadow Government (mp3)

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