The Identity of the Enigmatic “Mr. Caa” Revealed!

Episode three of the new season of Doctor Who, “Gridlock” provided a wonderful surprise: the return of an old and beloved monster, the Macra!

In a far-far future version of New York City, people drive around in circles on the freeway, helplessly and endlessly, trapped in immense underground tunnels until the Doctor and Martha show up to…well, to open the doors for them. Apparently the endlessly inventive and curious humanity, left to its own devices, will simply walk around a room in circles wondering if there’s a way out until someone else comes along to jimmy open the exit.

As you can imagine, all these fumes are settling in the enclose space, and who likes to feed on toxic fumes more than anyone?

THE MACRA, THAT’S WHO! They’re giant crab-like creatures with glowy eyes who are plotting to…well, the truth is, they’re not really plotting to do anything. They’re just kinda sitting there snappin’ their claws together and eatin’ some toxic fumes. They’re not the bad guys of the series, they just happen to be there.

But hey, I’m not complaining! Fans have been screaming for the return of the Macra since–

Yes, okay. Nobody missed the Macra. Hell, fans barely remember them. They appeared in a single story (“The Macra Terror”) back in 1967 and were pretty much lost to the mists of time. (Theirs is one of the stories that no longer exists at all in the BBC archives.) This is a monster so freaking obscure that they’ve never even appeared in fan fiction!


Seriously, though, as soon as I saw the big claws and the glowy bits I thought “Macra?” and then the Doctor said “Macra!” and I was all “BOO-YAH!” You can ask Becky. Wasn’t I all “BOO-YAH!”, Becky? It’s a nice kind of nod that pleases old time fans like me at no expense to new time fans, and makes nod to “the canon” without resorting to navel-gazing. It’s also fun to imagine that these Macra were at one time an invading force and were going to force humans to produce toxic gases for them and then realized humans love producing toxic gases on their own, so what the hell, let’s just hang out down here and let them do their thing and mmm…gas…

Now as much as I enjoyed seeing this returning critter, I think the next episode, “The Macra Take Manhattan” was probably overdoing it.

Special bonus! Great Moments in Wikipedia!

Special bonus two! The Tenth Doctor at his sexiest!

I was trying out the screencapping ability of this video player, picked a point at random, and grabbed a shot. OH DOCTOR I AM SWOOOOOOOOOOOONING!

Note: the title of this post is one of the geekiest things I’ve ever written and be thankful if you don’t get it.

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2 Responses to The Identity of the Enigmatic “Mr. Caa” Revealed!

  1. David Thiel says:

    Sure, there’s been little fan-fiction about the Macra ’til now, but as two-timers they enter the elite ranks of “Doctor Who? monsterdom.

  2. Mrs. Mancer says:

    Yes, Dave said BOO-YA. You can all stop emailing me now to confirm.