You Won’t Have Picard314 to Kick Around Anymore!

In the last week I’ve seen:

• Two comics bloggers get into a slap fight with both threatening to leave the internet unless they’re not treated better.

• A dustup on BoardGameGeek resulting in the first-ever banning of a user there that grew out of the accusation that fans of “Eurogames” are elitist and disrespectful towards fans of “Ameritrash” games.

• People taking others to task for suggesting that Firefly is anywhere close to the “genius” of Buffy.

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4 Responses to You Won’t Have Picard314 to Kick Around Anymore!

  1. Iain says:

    Does this indicate that the Net is growing up and has finally reached petulant adolescence?

    (And I’m really hoping that Michael Barnes accelerates his martyrdom by walking into Essen with an explosives vest – “I want to see dice in all those games – NOW!)

  2. Blasterhappy says:

    I say it should be a Geek Gamer Cage Match armed with nothing but a six-sided die, a pack of graph paper, a pencil and a six pack of Mountain Dew. Then we can see who is left standing. By the way…Firefly kicks ass!!!!!!!

  3. Zed says:

    Bizarro Zed much good comment post.

    (the version in my head wasn’t word salad, honest.)