Important Reminder!

As you know by now, Marvel comics killed off Captain America in a book that will surely be talked about for decades to come. Retailers foolishly under-ordered this milestone issue, and copies are fetching amazing prices on eBay. To respond to the demands of the public, Marvel is issuing a limited edition reprint of the book in question, but considering the massive amount of interest in this event, it too will probably not satisfy demand and will also skyrocket in price.

If you’re smart and savvy, you’ll head over to your comics shop today and grab as many copies of Ganges #1, the Death of Captain America issue, as you can get your hands on. If there aren’t many or none, be sure to ask your comics retailer to order you multiple copies of it. There’s always the chance that he might luck out and be able to get you one (or several!) of these highly collectible books.

Don’t let this unique opportunity pass you by! Run, don’t walk, to your local comics retailer and grab some copies of Ganges #1 for yourself!

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2 Responses to Important Reminder!

  1. Dave, this is the internet, and I get hit in the head a lot. You are joking, right?

    PS howsabout that giant math trade? YEAH! YEAHH!!!!

  2. Ken Lowery says:

    What latter-day speculators don’t seem to understand (and apparently didn’t learn from the 90’s) is, if there are 300,000 copies of something out there, it is by definition not rare and therefore not valuable.