Battlestar Matrimonia


HE’S a big fat stupid slob with a heart of gold! SHE’S a feisty little hottie who says what’s on her mind! They bicker and insult one another all the time but doggone it they really love each other! It’s WHO’S THE CHIEF? Starring Tyrol and Callie!

We’ve been catching up on Battlestar Galactica lately. Over the past few days we watched episodes 13-15 of Season Three (“Marital Strife Part 1”, “Space Jews* (and Marital Strife)”, “Marital Strife Part 2”).

I’m really glad the show has gotten away from all the robots and intrigue and spaceship battles and has settled down into a nice rut of “Marriage can be hard.” I’m all the time wondering where I can see married couples bitch about who does what chores, and since I’m already watching this space fantasy action show, why not cram it into there?

I’m told, though, that I need to hurry up and watch episodes 16 and 17 because shit actually happens in them, which certainly sounds intriguing! Hopefully it happens to Apollo and Starbuck because they’re my favoritest characters of all and I can’t see enough of them.

Yeah, I’m kind of getting tired of it. Season three started off with a bang, but is now crawling, luxuriating in boring-ass marriage plots. I hear that only thirteen episodes have been okayed for next season, and I think that’s a very good move. British shows I’ve watched do a lot more with fewer episodes because they have to. They can’t afford to lollygag around with a whole episode of “Kara Messes With Lee’s Head Yet Again Because Dern It All, She Just Doesn’t Know What She Wants!”

I’ve downloaded the most recent two episodes and tonight we find out if our patience will pay off! Here’s hoping!

* – Okay they were actually Space Christian Scientists, but Space Jews is funnier.

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