New Comics Surprise

Finally picked up my comics last night after three weeks of not doing so. As a result, I had a huge stack: Buddha vol 5, Eden vol 6, Red Eye Black Eye, The Mighty Skullyboy Army, new Fortean Times, Spirit #3, Usagi Yojimbo #100, To Terra vol 1, Hellboy Animated vol 1, and not one but two issues of Wasteland!

This last bit was especially cool because it looks like Oni took me up on my offer! Check out the back of issue #7:

Unfortunately this issue sucked and I’m dropping the book.


That’s a big-ass pile of comics and I have an even bigger-ass pile from previous weeks that I haven’t read. What’s wrong with me when I have an unread volume of Cromartie High School at my fingertips? Something, that’s what’s wrong! Sounds like I need a day off from work.

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5 Responses to New Comics Surprise

  1. David Thiel says:

    Excellent blurbing, Dave! Congrats on making the fanboy big-time!

  2. Very impressive, Dave!

  3. Oh, yeah, did you read the last issue of Nextwave?

  4. Dave says:

    Todd, I didn’t read any issues of Nextwave. I’m not a big Warren Ellis fan.

  5. You have made the correct decision, then.

    You didn’t mention the Game Trade pictured. Is that worth looking at picking up, even for free? I know one of my local shops has a couple.