I Want People to be Afraid of How Much They Love Me

After watching the British version of The Office it was tough to imagine that an American version could do it any justice. So I was skeptical of the newer incarnation, even with original creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant working on it. The few episodes I caught on TV, though, totally converted me, and lately Becky and I have been watching seasons one and two on DVD.

This is exceptionally well done. The pacing is spot on, the humor makes you have to choose between laughing or cringing, and every single cast member puts in a great performance. The actors, the makeup, the set design all work — this looks and feels like a genuine workplace.

If you haven’t seen either version, I don’t know which to recommend more. But here are some clips to whet your appetite:

The Office is on NBC at 8:30 Eastern. But you’re better off with the DVDs. And here is the official website.

ALSO: Pam is hot.

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4 Responses to I Want People to be Afraid of How Much They Love Me

  1. David Thiel says:

    I’ve sampled both the British and American versions, and I find myself puzzled by them rather than amused. It’s not just that I don’t get the joke, I don’t even know what the joke is supposed to be. I saw the one about the awards ceremony at Chili’s, and it wasn’t a choice between laughing and cringing, but rather between cringing and withdrawing into a tightly wound ball.

    I’ve found a similar disconnect between myself and other television fans over such shows as “Malcolm in the Middle,” “Arrested Development” and “Sex and the City.” Viewers and critics fall all over themselves praising them, yet when I watch, it’s with stunned silence. It’s not that I lack a sense of humor or an appreciation for quality TV, it’s just that on some fundamental level, they don’t tickle the right neurons in me.

  2. Nigel says:

    Well, Amy and I are addicts. We’ve watched from the first episode and love it. Glad you guys are on board. When people ask I always say “it’s not for everyone” but the shows that ARE for everyone I don’t want to watch. It’s for me and mine and that’s enough. Jim is the most likeable character on television, but Dwight…Dwight is pure genius.

  3. John M says:

    I’m not sure why, but I have developed a real affinity for Toby.

  4. Krissi says:

    HURRAY! Welcome to the following!