Der Politikenspiel

Die Macher, a five hour game simulating a German parliamentary election: Played.

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2 Responses to Der Politikenspiel

  1. Rob Barrett says:

    Oh my . . . Die Macher . . . the memories are all coming back, the night terrors and the cold sweats . . . no, no. NOOOOOOOO!

  2. Back in 1995, the German expatriate we gamed with had a copy, but he could never get it on the table, much to his chagrin.

    My regret isn’t so much for that, but for not trying to get us to play, y’know, games that take 90 minutes. We usually ended up in these 3+ hour games. Still, I got to play Titan, Outpost, Advanced Civ, T&E, Entdecker, Catan Historical Scenarios, 6 Nimmt, and so on.

    Eventually, he moved to the Pacific Northwest, and I ended up at the Houston Gamers after meeting Kevin Nunn at OwlCon.