Now I Need a Beret, Some Clove Cigarettes, and a Black Turtleneck

I have completed my first masterpiece with my new graphics tablet:

I call it, “Why Are You Still Drawing Lines? I’m Not Pressing Anything! Now Hang On, I Thought This Button Made It Go! No, Not a Dot, a Line!” It’s probably the first in a series.

So I have a bit of a learning curve to get over, and that’s before I even start trying to learn how to draw. But a little more practice, a little more experimenting, maybe a glance at the actual manual, and soon I’ll be taking requests on things to draw, all leading up to my Masterpiece of a comic about Harry Potter, the Silver Surfer, Han Solo, and Legolas teaming up to fight Daleks on Babylon 5 (twist ending: the fight is actually taking place in The Matrix!)

You can click on that image above if you want a large version of it to use as your Windows wallpaper, by the way.

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5 Responses to Now I Need a Beret, Some Clove Cigarettes, and a Black Turtleneck

  1. roomtemp says:

    better slap a copyright notice on that doublequick, pal. don’t want others stealing your hard-won millions.

  2. Nigel says:

    Here’s the thing: I kind of LIKE it.

  3. pronoblem says:

    It’s like a modern day Guernica. I love the stealth bomber on the lower right.

  4. Lanf says:

    Does the advent of a graphics tablet signal the return of Jelly LoL?

  5. blasterhappy says:

    It looks like a cat spit up a fur ball after licking a Doctor Who scarf for a few hours!