Previews Spelled Backwards is Sweiverp

Make of that what you will. Stuff I’m looking at in December. Buying, commenting on. Advice welcomed.

Empowered (p. 36) – If we call it parody, then when people complain about it, we can say they didn’t get it!

Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service vol 3 (p. 41) – I liked the first volume of this offbeat comic, but after a while I started to wonder how many naked corpses of teenage girls you have to have in a single book before you start to wonder about its target audience. I’m gonna give volume two a try, but there’s a chance it may just push the squick button too many times for me to go on.

Showcase Presents (p. 85) – Two offerings, one of which I’m pretty sure I can pass on. Hawkman doesn’t interest me in the least. House of Mystery, though, is another story, but I didn’t get volume one of that yet. I should probably do that.

Emma vol 3 (p. 99) – Although volume one of this intrigued me, I ultimately passed on it, until I read a review of it on Tangognat’s blog. I grabbed volume one but haven’t read it yet. If me like, volumes two and possibly three will get on the shelf.

Loveless vol 1 (p. 116) – I could go for a good Western comic. Would this be one to try?

Strongarm #1 (p. 140) – It’s like Witchblade, except without the only reason people buy Witchblade!

Witchblade Manga #1 (p. 140) – It’s like Witchblade, except almost too pervy for the people who buy Witchblade!

Action Philosophers: Senseless Violence Spectacular (p. 274) – At last, something I know I’ll buy and enjoy!

Dungeon Parade Volume 1 (p. 306) – A new entry in this decidedly odd series.

Wasteland #7 (p. 312) – Me like.

DEAR TOKYOPOP: What do the following titles have in common: East Coast Rising, Sorcerers and Secretaries, and Earthlight. That’s right, they’re all volume 1s that you haven’t bothered releasing volume 2s of yet. Can’t say I’m eager to jump on any of your new series, given that so many of your old series have yet to actually be a series.

Tezuka’s Buddha vol 6 (p. 346) – Though I need to catch up on this.

Fortean Times #220 (p. 364) – Should…just…subscribe…

So that’s your extra-snarky edition of my monthly Previews post. As usual, please let me know if you have advice either for or against purchases.

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