I Have Not Abandoned You

So I’m still here in Louisiana. Dad’s surgery is on Friday, and I’m just hanging with him until then. I’ve visited with family, hit the game and comic shops, and even managed to do some work here (double-remotely).

I brought a bunch of books to read, much of it comics. I read a collection of MAD Magazine articles my Dad has, volumes two and three of the Marvel Masterworks: Spider-Man series, the first volume of the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Ice Haven to re-read, and something else that’s escaping me at the moment. And who knows, maybe I’ll pick something up here as well.

I also got a new watch, since the battery on my old one died. This one has a built-in electronic compass! What I need that for, I don’t know, but it has it! It’s got a compass in it and this thing that tells time!

Things are going to be a little oddball for a few more days but hopefully they’ll settle down again soon.

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One Response to I Have Not Abandoned You

  1. Bruce Baugh says:

    I just wanted to remind you that laughter and good cheer have demonstrable therapeutic value. Which is to say, be sure to share some of teh funny with your father. (And if he’s going to be in hospital several days yet, a cheap portable DVD player and some comedies is an excellent investment.)