Dear Sony

Not only did I not stand in line for one of your PS3s (and nor did I pay homeless people to do it for me), but over the past couple days, here’s what we’ve been playing on the perfectly fine PS2:

According to our save game files, we last played this almost exactly two years ago.

I also busted this one out again:

It came out in 2000. I forgot how much fun it was, and it’s got me thinking I should upgrade. I bet I can find a copy of SSX Tricky for way cheap, now that it’s five years old.



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5 Responses to Dear Sony

  1. Ryan Walberg says:

    Hey Dave, skip SSX Tricky and go straight to SSX 3.

  2. Dave says:

    See, I hear that 3 might be a “better” game, but that Tricky is funner.

  3. blasterhappy says:

    I just recently bought a PS2 and the first game I bought was of course Star Wars Trilogy Lego. I just finished A New Hope. Great game! Thanks for recommending. The kids will be loading up on games this Christmas.

  4. Ryan Walberg says:

    I second the nod for PS2 Star Wars Lego Original Trilogy. What an amazing game.

    I’m a PS2 and GameCube owner and I’ll be shaking my head at the insanity. That Wii looks cool though. Time will tell if there’s anything to it past the launch titles.

  5. While I’ve been pretty loyal to Sony for the PS & PS2 and appreciate the backwards compat (that is, for most PS1 games), they’re fricken’ Rasta high if they think the average consumer, even in the US, is going to shell out 5-600 for a game machine, especially when some of the launch titles are around $90. Stop the Insanity ™! I can upgrade my PC for that. Once the rabid fans clear, their insistence on Blow+Ray will cost them dearly, I prognosticate. I figure as the costs continue to drop for the PS2 library titles, that just means a whole lot of cheap games for moi.