It’s Not a Kumquat Again

Okay, I finally got me head above water at work. Damn product rollouts. I have a few minutes to talk about some stuff, but then it’s BACK TO WORK!

Virtuoso – I’m not a big fan of eating. I mean, I like it in its “Keeping me from dying of hunger” application, but other than that it’s just something you do so you don’t die. But the other night Tom invited us out to try a new restaurant in town called Virtuoso and oh man, the food was great. Every single thing I tasted was the best thing I ever put in my mouth. There was a moment when I asked Tom, “Would you like to be alone with the sorbet?”, such was his reaction. And it served as a reminder: ALWAYS BRING YOUR CAMERA! I wished I had gotten pics of some of the dishes.

Khronos – There’s a new boardgame that was making waves at the big game show in Essen, called ‘Khronos’. I played it over at Mike’s and was going to review it. It would have been a pretty negative review. However, it turns out we were playing an important rule wrong. So I nixed the review and Friday night we played it again. We played right this time, but it turns out the game just isn’t very fun. It’s got a great idea for a mechanic, but it needs to have something more interesting for it to be built on.

On the other hand, it was nice to FINALLY bring together the disparate worlds of my Sunday game group and my Monday one.

Leaf Bags – Astute readers will notice the leaf bag count exploded over the weekend! Yes, the Worker Bees were out in full force and did some amazing work. However, the damn tree on the other side of the fence thought to itself, “Ooh, look at all that un-leafed real estate! Time to drop mine!” and now the driveway is covered again. WHEN WILL SCIENCE BUILD US TREE-DESTROYING ROBOTS?

Teaching Baby Paranoia – I have plenty of entries in the Teaching Baby Paranoia Contest but there’s always room for more! The contest ends Sunday night, so get your entry in NOW!

MP3s – I’m slowly rebuilding my mp3 library and will have all kinds of information about it soon!

Okay, back to work now!

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