Go Out and Vote

Let’s hope so. Republican values deserve to be destroyed.

(Shamelessly stolen from here)

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4 Responses to Go Out and Vote

  1. Krissi says:

    Voted First thing this morning…and I guess I’m a morality destoryer. :)

  2. Mrs. Mancer says:

    I’m so far from Republican I can’t even make sense of this picture.

    Does it not look like a “masculine” hand silencing a “feminine” face?
    Why are there ANY female Republicans???

  3. Charlie says:

    It is masculine silencing feminine. In other news…one of FL one of Florida’s leading republicans clarified yesterday evening (too late to go to press and be effective) that he wasn’t truly for civil unions believed that gay people should be able to make funeral arrangements and contractual agreements. This was announced much to the chagrine of his gay republican supporters in the state (after they’d voted). Why are there female republicans….for the same reason there are gay republicans…some just don’t know any better.

  4. pronoblem says:

    “Why are there female republicans?”

    Why are there poor Republicans?

    Get your hands off my guns. Gays scare me. I want a $300 dollar rebate check. Baby Jesus was a Republican. Kill all terrorists. etc.