Gaming on the Road

I brought a suitcase with me that was much larger than I really needed, but that was so I could tote along some games! Last night Dave and I went over to Brian’s and played games with him, Topher, and Ben. We started out with For Sale, which lived up to its reputation as “gamer crack”. Then a little bit of “No Thanks!” (Z-Man Games edition available at the Dragon’s Pile for $10). After that I introduced them to the wonders of Power Grid and they all liked it, which was good because I wasn’t really in the mood to eat that game at that time. We then finished out with Mission: Red Planet, which was another hit. It was nice to see my gaming buddies again, and we had a good time. I didn’t get to teach Brian Tigris and Euphrates, though. I’ll have to do that next time.

Then today Dave and I played Sword and Skull, a game that’s pretty vilified on BoardGameGeek, but actually isn’t too bad. Although it’s decried as “Pirate Monopoly” it actually reminded me of the classic game Talisman more than anything else. We then played Battle Cry, the first game in Richard Borg’s “Command and Colors” system (along with Memoir ’44, Command and Colors: Ancients, and the soon-to-be-released BattleLore). I’m not a fan of wargames or the Civil War or anything, but I really did like it. My dislike of miniatures and wargames is based on my inability to look at a whole grand picture and develop a giant strategy, but Battle Cry sliced up the board into easier (for me) to handle bits.

But it hasn’t been all games, no sir. I’ve also been having a cold, grousing about politics with Dave and Vicky, watching the Hellboy animated movie, and this evening I went and saw John play at open mic night at the Potbelly. He did five songs and sounded really good on all of them, though his daughter Emma really wanted him to play the Pajama Song.

Tomorrow I go back to work and then Tuesday I head on back to Massachusetts. This is the kind of business trip I could definitely get used to.

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4 Responses to Gaming on the Road

  1. cap says:

    Thanks man! Glad you could come hang out at the ‘belly. It wasn’t top notch, but hey, I didn’t fall off the platform, either! : ]

  2. I was half-expecting to see geek action pics to make us all llok goofy, but it was a good time. I will be picking up Red Planet for sure, though Power grid is tempting. I’ll pick up the Super-Crack edition of For Sale as well. It’s always fun to learn new games, and even better if they’re good games. Next time you swing through, we can have a Rocketville tourney. Just think of the fun!

  3. Topher says:

    Yes, that was a fun time. Thanks for bringing the fun, Dave! I made my own ghetto version of ‘No Thanks’ (note cards and pennies). Next I’ll have to remake For Sale with recipie cards and photos from Remax…or maybe not. Love Powergrid, looking forward to more Red Planet.

    Thanks again!

  4. I did the same Topher. Wrote the No Thanks #s on some old Glotz blank cards, written with a half-broken marker. I also did a home-brew of For Sale (the cards for the buildings are surprisingly all on BGG, so after a little resizing and PSPing, I printed them out and glued them to old crap Magic cards, and sleeved them. For the checks, I blanked out their numbers and PSPed huge blindie-friendly #s. Of course, whoever scanned them in did a lopsided job of it, and my resizing visual guesses ddidn’t always match (some smaller than the red Magic borders), but it works.