Dave Lartigue, Road Warrior

Hey, I’m in Champaign-Urbana Illinois! My work flew me out here to our main office to get some SQL schoolin’ from some of our database gurus. Now I know all about joins and decodes, about optimization and ERDs, about indexes and subqueries! I’m SQLing with delight!

(Do you know what SQL stands for? If you said “Standard Query Language”, O’Reilly books says you’re a doggone liar and it really stands for nothing!)

Travelling on a plane for business purposes makes me a “Road Warrior”, one of those ambitious go-getters that in-flight magazines are written for. Alas, I didn’t spend my flight balancing my data parameters or analyzing my customer throughput or cross-indexing my sales projections; I read comic books.

Now, normally work-related meetings on database structures are the sort of things that reward themselves, but in addition to being able to gain some serious knowledge and hang with my normally IM-based co-workers, I’m also staying with Dave and Vicky, and tomorrow I’ll be seeing some of my old gaming buddies. I’ll even get to stop into the Dragon’s Pile!

It’s a good thing I’m having a good time, too, considering what utter hell the flight over here was. In brief: nothing was coming into or going out of Chicago for several hours yesterday, and traveling from Springfield, MA to C-U, IL, took almost ten hours.

Becky and Beebo are holding down the fort at home. I’ve put Beebo in charge while I was away.

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3 Responses to Dave Lartigue, Road Warrior

  1. Lanf says:

    I thought it stood for “SQL Query Language.” I cannot doubt O’Reilly though. Did you do the sudoku puzzle in pen in the in flight magazine? I hear all the cool kids are doing that nowadays.

  2. Dave says:

    According to Google:

    “sql stands for structured query language” – 12,500 hits

    “sql stands for symbolic query language” – 0 hits

    “sql stands for standard query language” – 38 hits

    “sql stands for sql query language” – 4 hits

    “sql doesn’t stand for anything” – 3 hits

  3. Lanf says:

    I was lying. I honestly never gave much thought to what it stood for and also hey, who doesn’t like recursive acronyms. But I’m glad to see there are 4 other dorks in the world who are also horribly misguided.