Jesus Would Like a Word With You

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3 Responses to Jesus Would Like a Word With You

  1. sistawoman says:

    Not all Christians condone the behavior you reference. I do not “lump” all people together. Please
    do not “lump” all Christians together. Please be careful to not exhibit the same behavior that you
    find abhorrent.

  2. That’s not how I read it at all, sistawoman. Let’s see if I got this right, Dave:

    1. The scripture exhorts the reader to do good, since every time you help anybody, you’re helping Jesus.

    2. By implication, any time you harm anyone or allow them to be harmed by your inaction, you’re hurting Jesus.

    3. Presuming that hurting Jesus is bad, and following #2, we are also under the obligation to stop evil.

    3a . If a Christian knew or even suspected that our government was secretly torturing Jesus, they’d jump up and do everything in their power to stop that national shame.

    4. Our government has been torturing people. No, really.

    4a . Our government has been torturing Jesus.

    5. Following 4a with 3a, if you’re a Christian, it’s time to clean up what America is, does, and becomes. If you think it’s one nation under God, then it’s time to act like it.


    I don’t think Dave’s lumping all Christians together. I think he’s lumping together all of humanity as “[Christ’s] brethren,” all deserving basic human rights such as not being tortured to death by Americans.

    Here’s the same passage in context:;&version=49;

    Why, you can even use a drop-down control and mix-‘n’-match translations. That wacky Internet, it’s not just full of pornography any more.

  3. Dave says:

    The only Christians I’m lumping together are the “Christians” who DO support this inhumanity. All I’m saying is, if you’re a Christian and you support these things, you don’t have to justify your support to me. You’ve got someone more important you need to justify it to, who has made his preferences known in no uncertain terms.