And Every Trashcan is a Target

When you look at this picture, if all you see are a bunch of plastic pieces of modular shelving:

…then you haven’t been playing Lego Star Wars II.

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4 Responses to And Every Trashcan is a Target

  1. David Thiel says:

    But since I have been playing it, all I can see is a stormtrooper hot tub.

  2. pronoblem says:

    I picked this up on Gameboy as a “get well” present for Miles… even though he cannot play it due to his broken wrist it was what he asked for. Just before we bought it he played Star Wars Miniatures ( ) at Greenfield games where some kids his age volunteered to teach him. I tried to sell him on that (mostly because the video games are played solo and he plays enough of them, this being something that we’d play together), but he really wanted the Lego Star Wars. I’ll probably check it out at some point. Is it good?

  3. Topher says:

    Call me when you can throw together a speeder out of these parts in less than 5 sec…fun game being looked at in the offices here.

  4. Bully says:

    I couldn’t put it down all weekend. And I have no thumbs.